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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

The web hosting we provide is reserved for our customers (who have had a website provided by us). We can therefore devote our attention in a concentrated way for your needs as our customer. We do not provide or host pornographic or any other type of website that is likely to cause offense.

Choosing a sever to host your website  is just as important as the website, also important and often overWeb Hosting looked  is geographical location of the server.  For UK businesses relying on mainly European business it will be wise to choose a server that is reliable and located in the same time zone if possible.

A web hosting of any size should provide enough business tools to run the size of business without having to buy extra add on features such as emails, various scripts and software useful for business.  All our hosting comes with a vast number of useful tools for the use of businesses.


Why is the server location important?

All servers have to go through re-boot and maintenace and may go off line for a short period.  These tasks are traditionally carried out in the early hours of the morning. 

It stands to reason therefore that if the server is located in a different time zone then any such maintenance will occur during the European business hours (not good for European business).


Hosting Costs

The hosting charges are directly related to trhe size of your website and how much space is allocated. 

For small business 100MB or less is more than enough for larger businesses 250MB, 500MB or larger.

100MB space can cost around £60 a year

250MB  around £102 a year

500MB around £156 a year

Depending on the website and the package deal certain websites are provided with free hosting  The typical website with such a deal will be a Car Dealer Websites who are subject to different tarrif.

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