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What is a computer Network

Network CablesA network is two or more computers linked together and able to share resources such as Printers, Internet Access and Files thereby saving on costs in a business or a home environment.


Most of you will be familiar with the LAN (local area network) but there are others such as WAN (wide area network), MAN (metropolitan area network) and GAN (global area network) to name a few.


Computer networking is now very popular with an increasing demand  for wireless access through the home or business environment.


Connecting your computers using a LAN (local area network) will enable family members or staff to print to just one printer, or a choice of printers, saving you the cost of providing a printer for each computer.


Networks will also enable you to share files without having to move to another computer or copy documents to removeable disks.


Networks also allows the Internet  access sharing to different computers around your home or Office.

We can offer you a complete installation package, including fitting of hardware to your computer/s if they are not network or wireless ready.





Most widely used types of installations are cable or wireless, (wireless being the most popular) since there is no requirement to trail cables anywhere.  We can set you up with a wireless secure LAN network or cable network which ever you prefer.


Wireless limitation

Wireless does have certain limitation in terms of signal strength distances and walls between computers, but these issues can be overcome by adding signal repeaters as and where required.


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