Types of websites

On this page we will tryto explain different types of websites and what different term means. When we talk about a design it doesn't only cover the the look of the website but it also implies the capability aspects of that website.

Any website is a good website if it produces the desired result in the manner it was intended. Content management websites These are the websites where the owner is able to change the text/content of the website/page without having to hire a web designer after the site has been created. These will typically have two parts to it, The Front End (in display to the public) and the Back End (private password protected control panel) where the owner is able to manage the content of the website.

These can be a single page or many pages, they do not necessarily need to collect payment online but may display their goods for sale or advertise their services. A car dealer website is one such example where cars are displayed for sale on the dealers' forecourt using the website as a virtual showroom.

Non content management websites As the name implies the owner is only able to manage it's content if he or she has a good knowledge of website coding language depending on the complexity of the web design and the language or script type used.

Basic eCommerce websites.

These can be simple websites using a shopping cart plugin and able to sell products in the currency of your country but they can be somewhat limited in the terms of how it charges for (shipping) postage. Also the basic aspect of the website may only allow transaction using PayPal or offline transaction where if the owner already has PDQ terminal to collect Credit/Debit Card transactions. Sometimes partially content management system where the owner can only load his/her stock for sale or display. It may have many useful eCommerce features but will be limited somewhat.

Complex eCommerce websites .

These are a must for serious online businesses you can see an example by CLICKING HERE These can handle varity of tasks such as: World wide Postal (shipping) charges using Royal Mail, Fedex, UPS etc Postage by destination country allow all, only related countries and all except related countries By destination postcode allow all, only related postcodes and all except related postcodes Define if postage prices include or exclude Vat Allows for you to charge an extra amount per weight increment over a weight limit Allows for you to define a maximum postal weight for a service.

Allows you to calculate the postage volume metric weight Allows you to add delivery price bands based on any combination of volume, weight and price Accurate inventory of stock Customer Database Able to merge sales invoices with accounting software such as SAGE, Quicbook etc One click email to all your customers promoting special deals or new product VAT (Sales Tax) configuration by countries You can select if prices include, exclude or switch off the Vat system.

You can select if you just display one price or both include and exclude Vat prices You can configure the text to show the prices include/exclude Vat. It understands the Vat rebate system for Vat registered companies. The company Vat registration number can be validated online Configure the Vat on the delivery. Configure any Vat rate. Products can use any Vat rate Product options can inherit Vat rate from the product or define it own Vat rate Intergation with major payment gateways such as: WorldPay (DirectPay); Sagepay (Form & Direct);Barclaycard ePDQ; PayPoint.net; PayOffline; Streamline; HSBC; able2buy; SecureHosting; e-clear; Securetrading; NetBanx; NOCHEX; Cardstream; PayPal; PPPAY.COM, Moneybookers; Optimal Payments; Totalweb Solutions.

Can you be on the first page of Google?

It is not impossible but unlike some web designers we do not promise everyone to be on the first page of Google. The Google listing depends on the design of the pages (search engine friendly pages which we always create) it also depends on how many 1000's are competing for the same key word or key phrase, there are businesses who actually pay Google a lot of money to get there in which case unless you pay Google even more you will not go above them. We automatically promote your site to major search engines and many of the siites we have created are enjoying a good placing on Google but we do not promise anything.